Lash Extension Aftercare P.3 – The Lasting Lash!

Refills, aftercare & long lasting lashes.

The key to long lasting lashes is – CONSISTENCY!!

People will occasionally ask me why our Lash Extensions don’t last 2 months like they had previously with *Jan Smith from down the road (*not a real Lash Artist name.. lol). And there are a couple of reasons for this, but the main one being – CORRECT APPLICATION!

When Extensions are CORRECTLY applied, they will be attached to ONE NATURAL LASH only. When you notice an extension has fallen out attached to a natural lash – inspect it closely and see how many of your natural lashes are attached. If an extension is attached to multiple natural lashes, chances are it has been hanging on for dear life as each of those natural lashes have reached the end of its life cycle.

This is not good! Why?! Imagine an extension attached to 3 natural lashes, two of which are not connected to a follicle anymore and are therefore hanging around, blowing in the breeze! These natural lashes will be catching on other extensions, rubbing along your lash line and causing all kinds of irritation – NOT COMFY!

BUT, it does mean that the extension will stay attached for longer as it had 3x the chance of holding on!

However, if you are having good quality extensions applied correctly, following your after care & being consistent (keeping up with your refills as your lash cycle dictates – usually 2-3 weeks), you will find that the life of your extensions gets better & better! We will always have a dodgey lash cycle every now and then, weather will affect retention and sometimes we are better at aftercare then other times, but in general your Lash Life Cycle will be between 2-4 weeks.

So get your lashes on sis & be consistent!

GCB xx