Cosmetic Brow Tattoing P.1 – What’s it all about?


You may have heard these phrases before and they all refer to the one thing – Cosmetic Tattooing! With all of the different industry jargon, it can be difficult to understand what is really involved. So let us break it down for you!

There are a few different techniques of Brow Tattooing, not all Artists offer all of the techniques so it is best to do some research on the differences before selecting your artist.

Feather Touch/Microblading – These refer to the one method of tattooing which we know as Feather Touch Brows. This delicate technique uses a microblading tool to create fine, hair like strokes which mimick the natural growth pattern of the hairs. This helps to fill in sparse eyebrows & create a more uniformed, symmetrical set of eyebrows.

Powder/Ombre – Powder or Ombre brows uses a shading technique with a more traditional style tattoo machine. With super fine needles, we implant pigment into the skin in a pixelated pattern to fill and soften the brow creating a more “powdered in” effect to the desired shape. Powder brows are recommended for those looking to cut down their morning routine by having “already there” brows! Also recommended for oilier skin types.

Combination – Refers to a mixture of both techniques to design the perfect brow for you! This is a very fresh, youthful approach to brows and suitable for most skin types and ages.

With all methods there is an element of discomfort involved. Although we use a numbing agent to reduce any discomfort, some people find the procedure more painful then others however it is over and done with relatively quickly! And bonus – you will only need a touch ups every 12-18 months (after the initial treatments 4-6 weeks apart).

Still not sure what type of brow tattoo technique is for you? Get in touch with us to chat further or book in your consultation with Megan at Birkdale!

GCB xx