Lash Extension Aftercare P.2 – Between fills

What NOT to do in-between fills:

• Get any oils or oil based products on your extensions! This includes a natural oil we secrete called “sebum”, make up, moisturisers, make up wipes, facial cleansers, hair care products, eye creams, sweat, tears from crying and so on. Oils eat at the glue bond slowly breaking them down, thus affecting your retention. Think of your extensions and oil as enemies!
• Pick, pull or rub your lash extensions. Pulling out lashes earlier than their natural end of life cycle and cause damage to your follices and in turn affect the way your natural lashes grow back. Rubbing and pulling on your lashes can also cause irritation & affect the adhesion area of the lash extension making them loose and uncomfortable.
• Sleep on your face! If you are a side or tummy sleeper, try sleeping with your face rested on the back of your hand so your lashes aren’t directly on your pillow. Pillow fibres will can catch your extensions & pull them out! Alternatively, you can purchase lash specific sleep masks which have extra space in the eye area for your lashes to rest, and are usually made of silk which won’t catch! Silk pillowcases are also a fantastic idea not only for the health of your extensions but also for your skin.

In between refills, ensure you are regularly cleansing your extensions with our specially formulated lash cleanser to keep them clear of oils, make ups and debris! This will prolong the life of your lashes by helping the glue bond from being broken down prematurely.

And if all else fails, talk to your lash artist about your retention issues in order to trouble shoot & get your extensions on track!

GCB xx