Lash Extension Aftercare P.1 – The First 24 hours


Why is aftercare important once we get lash extensions?

So I’m sure we have all heard the terms “don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours” or “avoid any make up or oils on your lash extensions” and even “ make sure you brush your lashes with spoolie on a day to day basis”.
but WHY do we get told this?

This will be answered over 3 parts, so strap in for PART 1 of the Lash Extension blog series!

First of all, we recommend not getting your fresh eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours (whether it be a fullest or a fill) because of something we call “polymer chains”; these are a strong occurring bond that when moisture (humidity that is in the air) is added to the glue it creates a chemical reaction and these chains are formed. The lash adhesive doesn’t dry, it “cures”. So if we add too much moisture it shocks the glue into curing too quickly which creates a weak, fragile bond and your lashes won’t last. Then if we don’t add enough moisture, the glue doesn’t cure fully, leaving it sticky and causing the extensions to slip off. Adding the correct amounts of moisture/humidity is crucial to ensure your lash extensions create a strong bond and last for as long as possible in between fills. Hence why getting them wet too quickly will cause them to come out as too much moisture = bad lash retention.

What NOT to do in the first 24 hours:

• Stick your head under the shower and soak your lashes
• Have a super hot steamy shower (I know, I know but trust me it’s worth it for those lashes!)
• Go swimming at the beach (the heat from the sun will heat the glue bond up and cause the lashes to come out + too much humidity)
• Crying (salty tears will have your lashes coming out like there’s no tomorrow!)

Tune in next week for PART 2 of the Lash Extensions blog series!